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Superjam Music: Decks’n’Drums

DJ DNS (DMC and Redbull Thre3style Champion) and drummer Maximus Prime (Superjam, Skiggy Rapz) are working together for several years now. After playing for dutch artists like Skiggy Rapz, Diggy Dex + others (Superjam Music) and doing support act shows together for artists like Snoop Dogg and Nas, they took things to the next level and started working on their own „decks and drums” act.
This is an explosive live show filled with musical surprises (guest musicians, drums vs dj battle, etc.). DJ DNS & Maximus Prime play on a wider scale, which means they play from hiphop, funk and jazz to breaks, drum&bass, dubstep, trap and everything in between.
This results in bookings on different events like electronic and hiphop festivals/parties, but they also play on jazz festivals and others. Their live show is a combination of danceable music, mixed with live scratches, mash-ups, drumsolo’s and dj/drum routines. Their energy and professional performance always guarantee a full dance floor.

dns 01 WEBDJ DNS

is well known in the Netherlands for many years. He plays in clubs, festivals and does sound support for several artists. He also has bookings in other countries on regulair basis, and played in cities like Oslo, Chicago, Austin TX, Rome, Milan, Frankfurt and others before.




max 01 WEBMaximus Prime

also plays a lot of tours with bands in other genres, for example metal/hardcore band Born From Pain, with whom he’s constantly touring all over Europe.